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Message  StenellF le Mer 3 Aoû - 15:14

Hello. I'm sure you are correct about the software conflict between Roxioand Nero. Deleteing the Roxio caused further problems. The Imgburnthat was burning a good disc with Easy Cd Creator file on the Hdstarted having the same problems as the Nero. So used GoBack toput me back where I was. When I created an ISO from Shrink whilethe Roxio was gone. The file said it was and ISO instead of andEasy Cd Creator ISO like before.Now I'm confused. Do I go back and try to get rid of the Roxioand get things working with Nero(and I don't know how)? Wouldit be more productive to get rid of the Nero and see if there isan update for Roxio?Thanks to everyone who is trying to help.


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